Recent Victories

"I deeply appreciate the opportunity to help people who have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and sustained serious personal injuries or hurricane damage. Here are a few examples of recent victories we have achieved for our clients.”
-- Elwood T. Lippincott, Jr.


17 Year-old Patty was in no hurry as she was driving to school at Miami South Dade Senior High School on a bright, clear spring day. She also had no advance warning before the driver of a large Lincoln Navigator SUV ran a stop sign on an intersecting street at a high rate of speed, crashing into Patty's compact car.

The impact dragged Patty's car sideways across several lanes of traffic, through a fence, across a yard and into an adjoining house. Patty was trapped inside the crushed car and fought for her life for several hours. In spite of the valiant efforts of rescue personnel and the emergency room staff, she expired later the same day in Jackson Memorial Hospital of massive injuries from the crash.

Patty is survived by her father and four siblings. Her father, a successful businessman, was also appointed as the personal representative of Patty's estate.

Patty's father contacted Lippincott Law Firm, who immediately took the steps necessary to preserve the physical evidence needed to establish a case against the responsible parties. Amazingly, the defendant denied being responsible for the crash he caused. The firm was forced to file suit and proceed to trial. Patty's father made no claim for loss of support or services, and the medical bills totaled less than $6,000.00. The estate prevailed on the question of whether the defendant was at fault, and the jury heard testimony of Patty's father about the impact of his daughter's sudden, unexpected death, and awarded him $5,000,000.


For decades a Florida condominium association faithfully paid premiums to its hurricane insurer. Sadly, when it came time to make a claim for hurricane damage to its roofs its insurance company offered next to nothing, even after admitting the buildings sustained extensive hurricane damage.

Fed up with this treatment, the president of the condo association retained the Lippincott Law Firm, and the insurance company finally paid in excess of $3,800,000, over five times the amount it originally offered.


Our firm represented a twenty-six year old single man who was heading back to his apartment after having dinner with friends. Shortly after he parked and exited his vehicle he was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted and shot to death at point blank range in an apparent armed robbery attempt.

Unfortunately, he did not know what the apartment complex and its security company knew quite well: that this crime at this location was foreseeable, because there had been at least four violent armed robberies in this and adjacent parking lots of the same apartment complex within several months before this young man was gunned down.

In spite of this knowledge, neither the apartment complex nor its security company took any steps to provide any video cameras, access control or increased security on the property. Any one of these measures would have prevented or at least dramatically decreased the chance of such violent crime occurring in the same area again.

The client's family contacted Lippincott Law Firm, who immediately took the steps necessary to preserve the evidence needed to establish a case against the responsible parties. The young man was survived by his father, who retained Lippincott Law Firm

Both the apartment complex and its security company denied any responsibility for the incident, in spite of their knowledge of the pattern of recent nearly identical crimes in this immediate area.

There were no medical bills, as the decedent died almost instantly in a pool of his own blood. In spite of this these denials, the case settled in the amount of $2,300,000.

The family gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Lippincott Law Firm, who resolved the matter after only four months of tenacious representation.


A client of the firm lost the use of a significant part of his body when he was catastrophically injured by a defective product, through no fault of his own, during normal and expected use of the product. As a result of the injuries the client will never be able to work again, and is home bound.

The client retained Lippincott Law Firm, who initiated extensive research of the product. This revealed that it had an inherent defect which would naturally lead to the type of injuries sustained by the client. A mechanism costing a few dollars easily could have been installed in the product which would have prevented these injuries.

The manufacturer initially denied that any similar injuries had been caused by this product before the client was injured, but persistent discovery revealed the manufacturer knew of at least three nearly identical incidents with the product, which resulted in nearly identical injuries.

Even with knowledge of this defect and the injuries resulting from it, the manufacturer decided to place profits over people's safety, and failed to install any safety mechanism.

After litigation against a nationwide team of attorneys, the case resolved shortly before trial for $2,200,000, providing the client the opportunity to obtain the extensive medical care and rehabilitation needed to function again.


One hurricane insurance company was happy for years as its customer, a condo association in Miami-Dade, wrote large premium checks to it. However, when it came their time to write a check for hurricane damage the insurance company closed their checkbook and offered nothing, in spite of extensive roof damage. The condo association president contacted the Lippincott Law Firm, and the insurance company ultimately agreed to pay $1,750,000.


Months before his high school graduation, an 18 year old young man was suddenly confronted and shot at point blank range by an individual known by the apartment complex as a trafficker in illegal drugs. This young man was the "miracle child" of his mother, who was told by her physicians that she could no longer have children. The settlement offer of $1,700,000 will provide financial security to the surviving mother, who was relying on the support of her only son. The family gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Lippincott Law Firm, who resolved the matter within two months.


Twenty-year old Julio Pietro had a life long dream: to become a highway patrol officer, like his father. Since childhood he prepared for the moment when he turned 21, so that he could initiate the application process. However, all of that changed one summer night in 2006 when he was suddenly, unexpectedly and violently stabbed through the gut by a complete stranger, with no time to react in self defense.

As Julio was entering an apartment complex to visit a friend early that evening, he walked around a hallway corner and encountered a group of young men, one of whom quickly turned around and "pitch forked" him with a large knife, stabbing him almost all the way through his body, then lifting up the blade as he pulled it out, causing a huge gouge in his abdomen.

Julio nearly died from blood loss on the way to the hospital, where he underwent an eight-hour surgery to stop the bleeding and to repair his damaged organs.

He had been to this apartment complex on several occasions at night, without incident. The owner and manager of the apartment complex knew that there was a long history of violent crime in the common areas of the apartment complex, yet took no steps to provide any security guards, exterior lighting, video cameras or access control to the property.

Julio retained Lippincott Law Firm, who immediately took the steps necessary to preserve the client's rights in order to establish a case against the responsible parties.

Both the owner and manager of the apartment complex denied any liability for the stabbing, taking the position that the client was responsible for being stabbed. Julio was out of work for nearly a year, and had no medical insurance with which to pay the $51,000.00 in medical expenses he incurred.

The firm was forced to proceed to trial. The client prevailed on the question of whether the defendants were at fault and, hearing Julio's testimony about the impact on his career plans and his life, the jury awarded him $1,100,000.

Recent Victories